CEO Massage

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CEO Massage

Hello, this is Lee Sang-eui the CEO of Kantatum Inc.

Kantatum Inc. will do our best to strengthen its main business fields and grow into a more robust company in the future. In addition, with communication and harmony as basic core values, we will take the lead in establishing mature corporate values ​​that lead to creative innovation and happiness of employees. Once again, we thank you for your deep interest and affection for our Kantatum Inc., and we will do our best to become a more trusted and loved company. Thank you.

Company Name Kantatum Inc. CEO Lee Sang-eui
Address 10F, Ace Techno1-cha, 38-9, Digital-ro 31-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul Tel 02-718-3322 E-mail Fax 02-703-8958
Personal Information Protection Officer Lee Sang-eui

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