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  • 2020~

    • 2021.03

      Changed the CEO of Kantatum Inc to "Lee Sang-eui"

  • 2010~

    • 2018.08

      Selected as “IBK FAMILY Company” of Industrial Bank of Korea

    • 2018.02

      Humax Co., Ltd. "2017 Best Supplier" Award (2 times)

    • 2017.09

      Expanded HQ Warehouse (Doubled the size)

    • 2017.04

      Attended ANAM Vietnam Factory Establishment as a Superior Partner

    • 2017.02

      Awarded HUMAX “2016 Best Supplier” prize (primary)
      Attended Kinpo G.-Calcomp Year-End Party as a Superior Partner

    • 2012.05

      Opened a sales store in Guro Central Distribution complex
      Contracted SMT sales business with HANWHA TECHWIN CO., LTD.

    • 2012.03

      Changed company name from “ChungHan Electronics Co., Ltd.” to “ChungHan EnL Inc.”
      Contracted B to B business with Samsung Electro-Mechanics

    • 2011.04

      Earned First Prize of SEMCO Distributor Award in 2010

    • 2010.04

      Earned First Prize of SEMCO Distributor Award in 2009

  • 2000~

    • 2009.12

      the Venture Company Certification(Korea Technology Finance Corporation)
      Technological Innovation Business Certification(Ministry of SMEs and Startups)

    • 2009.04

      Contracted a distributor agency of Samsung LED Co., Ltd.
      Selected for supplier of primary partner for SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS (MD, ID, CU-tech)

    • 2008.07

      Contracted providing AV products to LG Electronics Indonesia Branch

    • 2008.04

      Contracted to provide AV products to SEMCO Indonesia Branch

    • 2007.12

      Moved HQ building to Dangsan-Dong(Chunghan Building)

    • 2007.10

      Established SEMCO Corporation Branch in Indonesia
      Contracted LCR supply with SEMCO & LG Electronics

    • 2005.06

      Established Hong Kong Corporation Branch of SEMCO

    • 2004.08

      Contracted primary domestic sales agency of SEMCO

  • 1980~

    • 1994.10

      ChungHan Electronics Co., Ltd. converted to Corporation

    • 1989.10

      Established ChungHan Electronics Co., Ltd.

Company Name Kantatum Inc. CEO Lee Sang-eui
Address 10F, Ace Techno1-cha, 38-9, Digital-ro 31-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul Tel 02-718-3322 E-mail admin@kantatum.com Fax 02-703-8958
Personal Information Protection Officer Lee Sang-eui

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